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Additional tasks can be executed whenever a form is started, cancelled or submitted by a user. This is done in SmartForms through workflow mechanism. A number of workflows exists that can be added to a form. See Workflows for more details.

To add a workflow to a form:

  1. Open the SmartForms Administration Console. Click on the "Manage Forms" icon in the left panel. 
    In the "Manage SmartForms Library" screen that will open select the form you want to assign a workflow to and click on "Manage Form" button in the left panel to load the form settings (if you opened the Console from Form Test Display the form settings will be loaded automatically).

  2. In the "Manage Form" screen go to Workflows tab and click on Add Workflow button.

  3. Find a workflow you want to add to the form and click on Add button. 

  4.  The Workflow Editor will open where you can configure the workflow by setting up its properties. 

    a) Select event type in the drop-down list labeled "Execute". The following options are available:

            On Form Submit - (default) the workflow will be executed when a user submits the form;
            On Form Start - the workflow will be executed when a user starts the form;
            On Form Exit - the workflow will be executed when a user cancels the form.

    b) Fill in the rest of the workflow properties. 

  5.  The workflow is configured and will be displayed in the Workflows list.

You can change the workflow settings by clicking on "Details" link, or can delete the workflow by clicking "Remove" link.

See Workflows to learn about workflows and their properties. 

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