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A form can be added to your SmartForms Library in two ways, by creating a new form from available templates or by importing an existing form.

First you need to decide where in the library you will place it. The SmartForms Library is organised in a hierarchical tree of folders. At the top is "My forms" folder, you can add forms directly into it. You can create other folders as sub-folders of "My forms" folder.  See Managing SmartForms Library for more details.

Adding a New Form from template

To add a new form to your SmartForms Library:

  1. Open the SmartForms Administration Console.

  2. There are two ways to get to the Add New Form screen:

    a. Click on the Add New icon in the left panel (or, if you just opened the Console, you can click on the Add New Form button)

    b. Click on the Manage Forms icon on the left panel  (Or, if you just opened the Console, you can click on the Manage Your Forms button) to open Manage SmartForms Library screen.
        Select a folder into which you want to add the new form and click Add New Form button in the right panel.

  3.  In the Add New Form screen the available templates will be displayed in a list. 
    You can preview a template before selecting it by clicking on Preview link. 
    Click Select button for the template you want to use. 

  4. In the New Form Details section that will be displayed next, you can give your form a name, description (optional but useful) and select a folder where the form will be added. If you came through path b, the folder will be pre-selected. 
    Click Create New Form button to create the form. 

  5. Your form has been added, and you should see it highlighted in the Manage SmartForms Library screen under the folder you have selected. 
    You can start modifying the form in the Visual Designer - click Open in Designer button in the right panel.

Another way to add a form to your SmartForms library is to import a form that was previously exported. See Exporting, Importing and Updating Forms for more details.

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