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The X-API-Token header containing the caller's credentials is used to sign the request to authenticate the caller and to authorise the request. This header shall be composed of the two column-separated values:



{client-id} is your account ID,
{api-key} is the value of an API Key that must be generated using your SmartForms Administration console.

An example of REST API call with authentication header is provided below:

curl -H "X-API-Token:client-id:api-key"

How To Generate an API Key

Step 1. Go to SmartForms Administration Console.

Step 2. Click on the Profile on the left and then in the "Profile" screen that will open on the right select API Keys tab.

Step 3. Click on Add new API Key button.

Step 4. Enter details into Key purpose field.

Step 5. Click on Generate API Key button.

Step 6. Copy the value of a generated API Key to use as X-API-Token Header in your REST API calls.

Step 7. Click on Close button.

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