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Auto-PDF is an automatically generated PDF document containing all user entries. See Auto-PDF to learn about PDF structure and how to prepare well-formed PDF.

You can access the Auto-PDF by adding Print PDF component to your form. 

Adding Print PDF component to a Page

  1. Open your form in the Visual Designer. In the drop-down list ("Item selected") at the top of the Display Panel find and select the page you want to add the component to.

  2. In the Toolbox panel find the Print PDF component under section "Usefull Components" 

  3. Drag it to the place on the page you want it to be located and drop it there. The Print PDF component is an Content with the specific content (<div xslfo-resource="auto" class="pdf"> Print </div>) and will produce a link with the name "Print". You can change the name, in the Properties panel type "Print Quote" in the Content and save.

  4. Commit your changes by clicking on "Commit" button in Controls panel and then click "Preview Form" button to start the form. 
    Select a package size and click the Print Quote link.

  5. Depending on your Browser settings the PDF document will be saved in downloads folder or opened for viewing.

The Print PDF component can be placed on any page of a form. Almost all form templates have the Print PDF component on the Submission page.

  Configuring Auto-PDF global properties

The first page of the PDF document can be adjusted to suit your organizstion's branding.

To add/modify the Auto-PDF related global setting:

  1. Open the SmartForms Administration Console and click on "Profile" link in the left-side menu.

  2. In the "Profile" screen that will open displaying "Auto PDF" tab click "Add Logo" link (or "Select Different Logo" link if logo has been uploaded before) and select an image file containing your organisation logo to upload. 
    The size of the file should not exceed 24Kb.

  3. In the "Heading" section type the text to appear under the logo (use "Enter" to start a new line).

  4. Save your changes.


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