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Global Styling provides a consistent visual theme for all of your forms, allowing you to align their look with your branding.

Note: modifications you make in Global Styling will affect all forms in your SmartForms Library (if a form has it's own styling, the form style settings will supersede the global settings).

The Global Style Settings screen allows you to define two sets of global settings, one for testing and one for live forms that will be accessed by end-users. You select which set you are working with by clicking on "Live" or "Test" buttons:

Test Mode:

Changes you make in the Test mode will apply to:

Live Mode:

Changes you make in the Live mode will apply to:

Do the adjustments in Test mode and then, when ready, copy them To Live. You can copy the settings from one mode to another all at once: while in Test mode "Copy styles from: Live" button will be available, while in Live mode use "Copy styles from: Test" button. 

You can create your own CSS classes or override SmartForms default classes in the code section titled "CSS". Classes you create will be available to all forms in your SmartForms Library.

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