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Form data collection is always associated with a campaign

There are three types of campaigns:

  1. Production - the campaign that is currently collecting form's data from end-users;

  2. Stopped - the campaign that is no longer allowed to collect form's data;

  3. Test - the campaign that is used for form development and test purposes.

When a form is created two campaigns are added automatically for the form: one Test campaign and one Production campaign. In majority of cases that is all you ever need: you use the Test campaign to develop and test your form and do any modifications that may be required later, and the Production campaign is for collect the entries submitted by your customers. 

A form can have a number of Production campaigns and collect end-user entries into different data sets. You give access to your form to end-users through Form Display application. You can, for example, place one Form Display on your company's public website and collect data from external users into the default Production campaign and then create another Production campaign (call it, say, "MyForm_Internal"), place another Form Display on your company's Intranet and configure it to point to the "MyForm_Internal" campaign to collect data from employees of your company. See Managing Form Campaign for more information.

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