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You can access submitted form data through Form Data List application. It displays submitted records in a tabular format, one record per row, has search facilities and allows sorting by column value. Which form information to display in the Form Data List is highly configurable.

The following columns are included automatically when you add a form to the Form Data List: 

  1. Tracking Code of a user form - a unique code assigned when a user starts the form;
  2. Date when the form has been started by the user;
  3. Date when the form has been submitted by the user;
  4. Print form - link to an auto generated PDF file that contains submitted information. 

That might be all the information that you need - you have the full list of submissions, for each of them you see the unique code, when a user has started and submitted the form and all user entries are included in the PDF file that you can download or see online. The Search facility will allow you to find any submission by Tracking Code. 

How to configure Form Data List

Here is how to configure the application for displaying forms you submitted during testing:

  1. Add Form Data List to a web page and click on Edit Configuration link (see Deploying SmartForms applications).

  2. In the "List Configuration" screen that will open: 
        select which data you will be accessing in the Data Access field, tick "Test records". 
        select Data access level as "Restrict viewing to own records only", the list will only contain form data that has been submitted by you.
        define Number of records per page as select 10. 
        save configuration changes.

  3. In the Selected forms table that will appear below click on Add first form link .
     From the drop-down list containing all forms in your SmartForms Library select the form you want to display in the Form Data List.

  4. The selected form will be added into Selected forms table. "Form Details" shows the columns that have been added automatically.

  5. Click Close Configuration button to return to your page. Form Data List displays the submitted data from your Test campaign.

Quite often you would want to add more columns to the list to see more details at a glance (for example, contact details you have collected from users: phone, mobile, email) or you want to sort records by some options users made on the form to bring similar submissions together (for example card type, membership type, etc.). Or filter records by certain criteria, for example, person's age or property size, etc.

How to add a form field to the Form Data List

To add a form field to the Form Data List you need to:

A.  make sure that the form component whose value you want to display in the Form Data List has Create Index property ticked.

See the Visual Designer screenshot below:

B.  modify Form Data List configuration to add and define the new column: 

  1. On the page where you placed Form Data List click on 'Edit Configuration' link. 

  2. In the "Selected Forms" table click on the Edit link to start modification of the form configuration.

  3. In the "Form Display Details" screen that will open click on Add another column below link after the field you want to insert a new column, for example after "Date Submitted".

  4. If you have done step A and the field "" is indexed, it should be in the drop-down list of the "Add Form Data Column" popup screen. Select it.

  5. In the "Form Display Details" screen you should see the selected field and can modify its settings: 
        change the name to "Customer Name"; 
        tick both "Can search by" and "Can order by" checkboxes.
    Save your changes. 

  6. The changes you have done are reflected in the "Form Details" column.

  7. Click Close Configuration button to return to your page. 
    Form Data List has "Customer Name" column between the "Date Submitted" and "Print" columns. 
    You can sort by "Customer Name" column and "Search By" drop-down list has an extra option, "Customer Name", that you can search by.

Multiple forms can be added to the same Form Data List. If more than one form is added the drop-down list labelled "Form" will appear at the top automatically. It contains all the forms you configured for this Form Data List and when selected will display the form's submitted data.

 See Form Data List for more details.

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