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You can export submitted form data using Data Export facilities that come as a part of the SmartForms installation.

Each form has Test campaign, where the form submissions are accumulated as a result of testing, Live (Production) campaign/s for end-user submissions it also could have Stopped Campaign/s. The export through the SmartForms Administration Console can be done for the data of one campaign only.

Campaign data can also be accessed/exported via SmartForms REST API. Data from multiple campaigns can be consolidated using the API approach.

To export a campaign data

  1. Open the SmartForms Administration Console. Click on the "Manage Forms" icon in the left panel.
    In the "Manage SmartForms Library" screen select the form whose submitted data you want to export and click on "Manage Form" button in the left panel to load the form settings.

  2.  Click on "Campaigns" tab to open the screen that lists all of the campaigns for your form. 
    Select the campaign you need (Test in our walkthrough) and click on "Manage" link.

  3. Go to "Export Submitted Data" tab.
    Click on "Create New Data Export" button to start the export process.

  4. In the "Configure New Data Export" screen:
      select export format, two options are available:
    1. CSV, a comma-separated list of form records, one line per form
    2. XML

    select the date range which will be applied to the Submitted date  
    the default values for the "Start Date" and "Last Date" cover the entire lifespan of the selected campaign. 

  5. Define what form fields to include into the export. 
    By default, all fields will be exported, see in the screenshot above.
    If you choose another option - "Selected Fileds" - all fields of the form will be presented as a checkbox with the name of this field and you can select which fields you want to include ticking the relevant checkbox.

  6. Click on "Start Export" button. The following message will be displayed at the start of the export.
    Click "OK" button.

  7. When the export is finished you will see a fresh line in the "Recent Exports" table. 
    Download the export file by clicking on "Download" icon, the file will be saved into your downloads folder.

XML export dataset example.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <record id="0c55eb67-f9e0-45cb-b7d1-071a90e7f23e">
    <field name=""><![CDATA[]]></field>
    <field name=""><![CDATA[John Sigleton]]></field>
  <record id="3cf13730-1d58-4627-9a00-436c711e55b4">
    <field name=""><![CDATA[]]></field>
    <field name=""><![CDATA[Maria Sheffield]]></field>
CSV export dataset example.
"0c55eb67-f9e0-45cb-b7d1-071a90e7f23e","","John Sigleton",
"3cf13730-1d58-4627-9a00-436c711e55b4","","Maria Sheffield",

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