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  1. Open SmartForms Administration Console.

  2. Click on "Manage Forms" link on the left-side menu, select the form you want to make style changes for, then on the right-side panel click on the "Manage Form" button. 

  3. In the "Mange Form" screen that will open select "Styling" tab.

  4.  In the "CSS" tab enter CSS instructions you want to be applied to your form and then click "Update" button. 

    For example, you can add the following CSS instructions to change the appearance of the Start button:

  5. Test your changes by clicking "Preview Form" button in the right-side panel. 

  6. You can also create classes that you will use for styling the form's components.

  7. See how the class "quote-group" is used for styling a Group component here. The result is below.

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