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Changing settings in Global Styles will affect all forms in your SmartForms Library. 

  1. Open SmartForms Administration Console and click on the "Global Styling" link in the left-side menu. 
    "Global Styling Settings" screen will open. In the "Web Media" tab the "Test" mode will be selected.

    "Live" mode is for all live (published) forms, as soon as you save your changes you've made in the "Live" mode, all live forms on your website will be affected. The best way to implement the changes is to try them in the "Test" mode first, do the changes and verify them by previewing few or all forms if necessary. Once you're absolutely happy with the changes, you can copy them into the "Live" mode, either manually or, if you're sure you were the only one making changes, by clicking on "Copy styles from: Test" to bring the changes to published forms.   

  2. Make changes in the "Global Styling Settings" section. For example, change "Primary colour" setting by clicking on the coloured bar to open color-picker. 
    Select for example green color. 

  3. To add custom CSS code into Global Styling click on "Show custom stylesheet" link at the bottom .

  4. In the CSS field you can define global classes that you can refer to from any form. For example you add "group-title-color" class and use it to create a style for Group component in any form of your SmartForms library.

    When you want to change all Group titles on all forms, (apart from the cases when another style is assigned implicitly) you can add the code below, no need in adding a Group style on every form and assigning it to Group components. 

  5. Save you changes. Click on "Manage Forms" link on the left-side menu, select a form with Group title/s and then click on "Preview this Form" button in the right panel to see the changes in colouring.  

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