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There are a number of ways to organise a two-way exchange of information between SmartForms and your other systems.

Working with User and Page data

SmartForms can use data from your website's environment. This data includes the user's ID, name, roles, email, as well as the page URL, query and session parameters, etc., where available.

For more details, see User and Page Data.

Populating Field Values from External APIs

Form fields can be populated from external APIs. This can be done either during the initialization of a form (default values) or as user works on a form (runtime values). 

For more details, see Using Webservices to Populate Form Data.

Additional Processing Using Workflows

Workflows enable you to run additional tasks when a form is started, cancelled or submitted. A variety of workflows is available, including email notifications and webhooks.

For more details, see Workflows.

Accessing Form Data using the REST API

Form data can be accessed at any time using the SmartForms REST API.

For more details, see REST API .

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