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You manage form campaign tasks in the "Manage Campaign" screen. To open it, in the "Campaigns" tab of the "Manage Form" screen (see Managing Form) select the campaign you want to perform a task on and click on the "Manage" link.

The "Manage Campaign" screen has three tabs.


This tab displays the selected campaign details and allows certain tasks.

For Production campaign


    • Forms submitted - the number of forms that were submitted within this campaign;
    • Forms total - total number of forms instantiated within this campaign, includes submitted and in-progress (started by users but haven't yet been submitted) forms;

Task allowed:

  • Production campaign can be stopped using Stop Campaign button, when you click the button the campaign becomes Stopped campaign. In rare scenarios when you need to delete submitted form records from Production campaign you can stop it, delete records and then resume it.

For Test campaign

For Stopped campaign


    • Stopped campaign can be resumed using "Resume" button, when you click the button the campaign becomes Production campaign.
    • Records can be deleted from Stopped campaign using "Remove All Records" button.

    • Stopped campaign can be deleted using "Delete Campaign" button

    Warning! Make sure that you really want to delete submitted form records from Stopped campaign or delete it altogether, the submitted form data will be deleted permanently!


This tab presents the graphical view of form submissions within selected campaign. 

Export Submitted Data

In this tab you can export campaign's submitted form data, see the history of exports and download export files.

You export data by using the Create New Data Export button. See How to Export Campaign Data for more details.

The export process is asynchronous, when you click the button the following message will appear on the screen: "Data export has been started, it will appear on Recent Export list once ready". If you expect a big file you can do other things and come back tp check if the file is ready later. 

The Recent Export list shows the date the export has been produced, selected format (XML or CSV), how many records were exported and the size of the export file. It also has two icons:

  • download - to download the file;
  • delete - to delete this export from the list. 

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