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All forms you create and place on your website using SmartForms service are kept in one place - SmartForms Library. You access it in the SmartForms Administration Console by clicking on "Manage Forms" in the left-side menu.

The library can be organised as a hierarchical tree of folders. At installation it contains only the root folder - "My forms". You can start adding folders that would match the categorisation of your forms. For example, if the library is going to be shared between departments in your organisation you might start with creating folders for each of them.  

When you add a form you always select a folder in which it will be located. Any folder can be selected, including the root folder.

Manage SmartForms Library screen consists of two panels. The left panel displays the Library's hierarchical tree of folders and forms they contain. You can browse the tree, expanding/collapsing its nods (folders) or use Search facility at the top to find a form. What is displayed on the right panel depends on what is selected in the tree - a folder or a form. 

When a folder is selected:

Note two icons to the right of the selected folder name:

Rename - allows you to rename the selected folder name;

Delete - allows you to delete the selected folder. Note: only empty folders can be deleted.

The following buttons are available in the right panel:

  1. Add New Form - allows creating a new form from a template and adding it to the folder.

    Note: a new form cannot have the same name as a form already existing in the folder. 
  2. Add Subfolder - allows adding a sub-folder to the selected folder. When the button is clicked you will be asked to enter new sub-folder name. 

  3. Export Definitions - allows exporting definitions of all forms in the folder, including forms in all its sub-folders into a single archive file. The hierarchical structure of the sub-folders (if they exist) will be preserved in the file.

  4. Move Folder - allows moving a subfolder under a different parent folder. This button is not available for the root folder "My Forms".

  5. Import Definitions - allows importing form definitions from an archive file, if the file contains hierarchical structure of sub-folders, it will be carried across.  

    For more details on export and import see Exporting, Importing and Updating Forms.

When a form is selected:

The form's summary is displayed at the top of the right panel: Name, Description, Folder, current version - Live or Unpublished.  

And the following buttons are available:

    1. Manage Form - clicking on this button will open "Manage Form" screen where you perform tasks related to a particular (selected) form, see Managing Form for more details.

    2. Open in Designer - clicking on this button will open the Visual Designer where you design/modify the selected form.

    3. Preview this Form - allows previewing and testing the selected form, see Preview Form for more details.

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