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Preview Form is a facility through which you can access and test a form. 

Preview Form always shows the latest version of the form. It could be published on unpublished form.

The facility could be accessed via:

  1. SmartForms Administartion Console
    1. in the "Manage SmartForms Library" screen select a form you want to preview and click "Preview this Form " button on the right;
    2. in the "Manage Form" screen for a particular form you can preview it by clicking "Preview Form" button;
    3. when adding a new form you can preview available templates before choosing the one to build your form on, click "Preview" link.

  2. Visual Designer: click on "Preview Form" button in the Controls panel at the top. Be aware that if you made some changes and haven't committed them you will get a prompt to do so, only committed changes can be seen through Preview Form facility.

When you click on one of the buttons described above the form will be opened in a new tab displaying Start page and ready to be tested. 

Thing to be aware of when in preview mode:

  1. the form operates in a sandbox environment, no environmental variables or user data is available to the form;
  2. no workflows will fire up on the start, exit or submission of the form.

To test full functionality use Form Test Display application instead.

You can enter and submit data while previewing your form, it won't affect any live data, while in Preview mode the data is collected in the special data set - Test Campaign

When you are previewing your form, Global styling settings defined in the Test mode will apply.

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