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Production campaign is a campaign where form's data (end-user's submissions) is currently collected.

Production campaign records are collected only through Form Display application that points to this campaign in its configuration.

Usually you would have only one Production campaign for the entire life of a form. However a need may arise when similar data would need to be collected into separate campaigns, e.g. organisation that regularly conducts employee appraisals might require several production campaigns, one per appraisal period. 

Data of a production campaign is protected and cannot be deleted except when:

  1. submitted record reaches the end of life due to Retention Policy set for the form, e.g. if the retention period is set to 3 months, form data will be removed automatically in 3 months after the submission time.
  2. runtime state of a submitted record is set to DELETED using SmartForms REST API.

Production campaign can be stopped, in this case it will become a Stopped Campaign.

Campaign can be stopped:

Usually you would not have the need to stop a production campaign, however if a form has a short term purpose it may have to be stopped. For example, if Employee Survey is to be conducted twice a year during the months of January and July, you would start a campaign at the start of January/July and stop it at the end of the same month. 

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