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SmartForms Administration Console is an application through which you create and manage your forms, modify configuration settings, export submitted data, and more.

Accessing SmartForms Administration Console

  1. You can access SmartForms Administration Console through your SmartForms Account, just login, and click on the service you are using and then on 'Open SmartForms Admin Console' button. 

  2. If you have installed Smartforms plugins SmartForms Administration Console will be available through: 
    • Website administration control panel (platform-dependent, see installation instructions)   
    • Forms Admin application 
    • Form Test Display application

To have access to the SmartForms Administration Console you have to have one of these roles assigned:

  •  Administrator
  •  SmartFormsAdmin

When you open the SmartForms Administration Console through option 3, the form you are working with will be selected and ready for your action (see Managing Form).

Left-side menu of the SmartForms Administration Console screen gives you quick access to all available facilities: Manage Forms, Add New, Global Styling, Help and Profile.

Manage Forms

Click on "Manage Forms" icon to open "Manage SmartForms Library" screen. This is the place where you manage your library's folder structure, add a new form to a folder, export/import content of the folders, and select a form you want to work with. See Managing SmartForms Library for more details.

Add New 

You can add a new form without selecting a folder first. Click on "Add New" icon to open "Add New Form" screen. Browse and preview form templates, then select the one you want to build your form on. Give your new form a name and description and then select a folder you want to place it in. Once you clicked "Create New Form" button, your new form will be created and you can start working on it straight away (see Managing Form). 

Global Styling

Click on "Global Styling" icon to open "Global Styling Settings" screen. This is the place where you choose colours to suit your company branding, as well as other settings that will affect all forms. Classes you define in the CSS code will be available to all forms. See Global Styling for more details.         


Click on "Help" icon when you have a question. We will try to find you the right topic that might answer your questions. If it didn't work you can contact us by clicking "Send us a message" button. In the screen that opens select what your question is regarding and if it is "Help with SmartForms" you will be able to select the form you are having issues with, which in turn will help us to provide you with assistance much quicker. 


Clicking on "Profile" icon will open a screen with three tabs:

  • Auto PDF -  tab where you can provide the information that is used within the Title Page of an automatically generated PDF document. See Enabling Auto-PDF for more details.

  • API Keys - tab where you can manage API keys that are required if your business systems have to communicate with SmartForms via web services. See How to Generate an API Key.
  • Deployments - tab where you can see embeds for all forms or create new embeds. See Creating Embeds.

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