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SmartForms service is platform-independent, it can work on any website, including static websites. 

There are three ways of deploying a form into your website: using plugins, SDKs or embeds.  


Embeds are the simplest way to deploy forms: no client software installation required. When it is time to deploy a form onto your website, generate a scriplet and paste it into a page. It is that simple. You can use embeds with any website.


Plugins are a client software that have to be installed on your web platform.

Why use plugins?

  • With plugins developed specifically for your platform SmartForms have full integration with the website they installed on, see User and Page Data.
  • SmartForms Administration Console is installed on your website as part of its Control panel/Dashboard, no need to login into your SmartForms account, you build forms where you run them.
  • Quick access to Visual Designer and SmartForms Administration Console from links in Form Test Display.
  • Form Data List application can be deployed to a page giving visual access to submitted forms.

You add plugin to you page and then configure it to display a form.   

Plugins are currently available for:

  • Liferay, (version 6 and 7);
  • WordPress

Plugins coming soon for:

  • Drupal
  • SharePoint

Language SDKs for easy integration with smartforms.js are available for:

  • Vue.js
  • React

Don't see Plugin or SDK for your platform? We are working on it! Contact us to register your interest in integrating SmartForms with your platform. Once new plugin is available, no migration will be required, just connect it to your current SmartForms service to continue working on your forms.

Meanwhile use Embeds, just create SmartForms account and start building forms in SmartForms Admin Console available in your account's Dashboard.

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