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SmartForms has in-built styles for every element of a form. Learn what you can do to modify the default styles and achieve the look you want for your forms.

A number of styling options are available: 

  1. Global Styling in the SmartForms Administration Console is the place where you modify default styles to suit your company branding. Changing the global settings will affect all forms. Classes you define in the CSS code will be available to all forms. 
    See How to Modify Global Styles.

  2. To apply styles for a particular form use Form Styles for the selected form in the Form Administration console. Classes you define in the CSS code will be available to the selected form only.

    See How to Modify Form Styles.

  3. To change the look of particular components on your form, you create a style for a component type (Page, Content, Text or Group) and then apply the style to the components. There is a number of predefined styles that you can use, they are included into form templates from which you create a new form.

    See How to Modify Component Styles.

  4. As Title, Description and Content form component properties can be an HTML string, you can add any in-line styling or reference CSS classes that you define using CSS code in Global Styling or Form Styles. 

For options 3 and 4 you can also reference SmartForms In-built CSS Classes

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