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SmartForms offers a number of workflows which can be scheduled for execution at a specified event: when a user starts, cancels or submits a form. Some of the workflows, such as POST Webhook, allow you to launch your own custom processing.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. You can test workflows using Form Test Display application only, workflows are not executed when a form is accessed using Preview Form facility.
  2. The workflow assignment and its properties are included into a form release mechanism, it is always associated with the specific form version. Make sure you adjust workflow properties from test to live before publishing a form or live to test when you create new version before you start making modifications and test it.
  3. Workflow can be disabled, in this case it will not be processed, even if it is listed in a form definition.

Managing Workflows

Email Notification Workflow

Assign Form State Workflows

POST Webhook Workflow

Payment Receipt Email Workflow

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