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Form Test Display is an application that provides access to an Unpublished (test) version of a form on your website. 


This facility was designed specifically for use during the form design and testing stage. It differs from the Form Display in a number of important ways:

  • It enables access to form versions that are not yet published
  • You can run the form at any time during its development, any committed but unpublished changes will be picked up on form restart
  • Data collected during the testing is associated with the Test Campaign, live data is not affected
  • Global styling settings are applied from the Test mode, allowing you to quickly experiment with visual styles without affecting live users

Even though you can use Preview Form facility to test unpublished form, if you need to test form workflows you need to use Form Test Display.

See Deploying SmartForms applications to learn how to add the application to your website.

For web platforms where Smartforms plugins are available.

The Form Test Display provides is integrated into your website and will have full access to website data and user information

Administration Facilities

The Form Test Display has admin facilities that allow

These admin facilities are available only to website users that have the Administrator or SmartFormsAdmin roles.

Configuring Form Test Display

When the Form Test Display application is added to a website page no form is yet assigned and the application displays the message "Resource is not configured, please contact administrator".

To select a form to display:

  1. Click on "Edit Configuration".
  2. In the "Display Configuration" screen that will open, select "Select a Form".
  3. The drop-down list labelled "Select form" will have all forms in your form library. Choose the form you want to display.
  4. Check the form details to make sure you have selected the right form and select "Save Selection".
  5. The Form Test Display is now displaying the form you have selected. Two more links will be available when the form is selected: "Visual Designer" that will open the selected form in the Visual Designer and "Form Administration" that will open SmartForms Administration Console.

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